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Multi-channel digital marketing

How I Can Help You

Our Speciality

Online experience begins with a search engine more often than you’d think. I believe SEO is the defining platform of integrated performance marketing and  the most powerful form of digital marketing around. I’ve generated over 100,000 visitors per month to websites purely by SEO.

Content Marketing
Specialist Growth

Content marketing is key to a well executed SEO campaign. I develop your blog into a source of traffic, business and even as a revenue source in its own right. I merge this with performance-driven content marketing and native advertising programs across private and public platforms.

Search Engine Marketing
PPC data gurus

A synergistic effect alongside powerful organic SEO. Data driven PPC campaigns that work by through airtight relevancy, not volume.

Social Media
We write algorithms

Creative tactics that lift ROI. I make decisions borne out by sophisticated data analysis that gets you profitable growth across all social platforms.

Email Campaigns
List building and funnel management

I create email capture funnels that continue to grow your subscribers long term. I engineer highly personalized email automation workflow and leverage useful APIs such as Sumo, Google Tools, and Drip.

Web Design & DevelopmentFrom design to A/B testing, your website is a conversion machine

From custom coded sites, to CMS alternatives I can provide an excellent presence for any business. Using heat maps, hardcore analytics, and comprehensive A/B testing, your website is a conversion machine.

Business intelligence and KPIs

Business intelligence and key performance metrics that make sense. Tools that further your understanding of your customer and their habits.

Media Buying
Online and Offline

I have access to comprehensive inventory across various web properties from display to social and PPC. Driven by data and optimized marketplace pricing, I create ads that match your consumer.

Reputation ManagementDigital Public relations

From managing bad reputation, to masking via SEO.  I manage your company’s online presence, improve your star rating, and get the word out about your new change.