Specialist Digital Marketing Consulting

From expert analysis to unbreakable SEO.

Synergistic Digital Marketing

Comprehensive marketing consulting to turn your startup into a fully automated machine. 
Expert Level SEO

A powerful platform of integrated performance marketing. I’ve generated over 100,000 visitors per month to websites purely by SEO


A synergistic effect alongside powerful organic SEO. Data driven PPC campaigns that work through air-tight relevancy, not volume.


Business intelligence and key performance metrics that make sense. Tools that further your understanding of your customer and their habits.

Social Media Marketing

Creative tactics that lift ROI. Decisions borne out by sophisticated data analysis for profitable growth across all social platforms.

Who I work with:

I primarily work with start ups, organizing their marketing and establishing strong pipelines for growth. Sometimes, that also involves forming a marketing team. Start-up marketing is unique, you can’t hide behind smoke and mirrors. It’s obvious that my work speaks for itself when people start arriving at the door or products fly off their digital shelves. Having built my own digital start-ups from scratch, and indeed run more than my fair share of experiments, I’ve driven over 100,000 people to my own websites in just one month using purely SEO alone.

I enjoy the challenging work environment of startups and the varied work it provides. However, my marketing consulting is not limited to just new businesses looking to launch their vision. 

Work with me
  • SEO training for Account Managers
    and PPC  specialists.
  • PPC Staff Training 
  • Comprehensive SEO coaching for you to provide your clients with a higher level of service
  • Optimizing media buy spend
  • Complex Cross tool & API integration
  • Marketing Automation
Small Businesses
  • Your first web presence 
  • Branding 
  • SEO and PPC
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization 
  • Market Research & Data Collection
  • Digital Strategy & Creativity
  • Hiring and establishing a marketing team
  • Complex, expert level SEO & PPC
  • Setting up marketing & sales funnels
  • Unique and pioneering traffic sourcing techniques & much more
Large B2B and B2C
  • Setting up sales pipelines (Marketo & Salesforce expert)
  • Improving data collection and email automation workflow
  • API integration and funnel management
  • Working closely with engineering teams to improve data collection and onsite conversions
  • Big media buys: budgets and optimization